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Youth Grow

Getting children in the garden to learn about nature, nutrition, and food system sustainability.

Did You Know?

Studies have shown that school gardens can positively impact children’s food choices by improving their preferences for vegetables and increasing their nutrition knowledge overall.

What We Do

The Youth Grow program collaborates with twelve Portland public schools to provide learning gardens, hands-on education opportunities, and comprehensive lesson plans in both English and Spanish.  

~ 2nd grade teacher at Glenfair Elementary 

“Growing Gardens planted not just things that grow in gardens but the seeds of inquiry for my students this year. When we are outside for any reason they now see things they never knew existed: birds, pollinators, insects and seedlings. They want to learn more and more about each of these. It’s like a light-switch was flipped on!”

How We Do It

Our holistic garden-based curriculum grows along with the student leading them to a deeper understanding of nutrition, science, nature, and their local food system. 

Classroom Curriculum

Our team of trained educators use a standards-aligned curriculum to teach environmental science, nutrition, and food traditions in the classroom setting. 

School Learning Gardens

Participating schools can take the classroom curriculum outdoors for hands-on learning in their very own school garden (created by the students- for the students!).

Cafeteria Tastings

Produce harvested from the school's own learning garden is brought indoors for cooking classes, tasting sessions, and supplemental nutrition in the cafeteria. 

Take Home Kits

Additional produce is packaged into engaging and culturally-appropriate recipe kits designed to inspire healthy eating habits at home.

After-School/ Summer Programs

Students are encouraged to deepen their learning through a variety of age-appropriate after-school programs.

Teen Internships

We inspire the next generation of food leaders through a variety of summer programs and internships for high school-age students.

School Garden
Coordinator Certificate 

Want to cultivate your own garden program? We are excited to offer our School Garden Coordinator Certificate in partnership with Oregon State University. By the end of this training, you will have the knowledge, skills and resources required to implement an edible garden program at your own school.

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Youth Grow Projects

Explore the amazing projects and initiatives of our Youth Grow program in a team interview series we call "In Our Own Words" 

Empowering Teens: Youth Grow High School Programs

Youth Grow: Expanding School Garden Support Globally

Youth Grow's Indigenous Seeds Program: Connecting Kids to Culture

Empowering Immigrant Youth: Morrison's Garden Therapy

Cultivating Change: Lettuce Grow's Impact in Oregon Prisons

Sowing Seeds of Equity: The Principles of Radical Gardening

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Youth Grow has worked with hundreds of teachers and thousands of students over the years. Download our recent fact sheet to see what they have to say about our program...

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Explore Our Programs

Follow the links to learn more about the powerful programs we offer at Growing Gardens.

Lettuce Grow

Our Lettuce Grow program offers direct support for incarcerated individuals through hands-on garden training and certificate programs that enhance workforce options upon release.

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Home Gardens

Our Home Gardens program provides individuals with the training and resources they need to cultivate healthy culturally relevant produce to feed their families.

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Garden Consultations

Did you know that we offer sliding-scale garden consultations as well? Let our expert garden advisors tackle your toughest gardening questions.

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