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Hey  Oregon...
We Have A Problem

Our food system produces enough food to feed everyone. Yet 1 in 7 Oregonians go to bed hungry. According to recent reports, a staggering 80% of those affected are directly involved in local food production. They are farmers, fishermen, and factory workers - Many of them people of color - And they are often unable to access the same food they grow, harvest, prepare, and distribute 


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Is not designed to
benefit the people
Is deeply rooted in
racist principles
Is fundamentally

The Solution?

Put The   Power   Back Into The Hands of The Individual

  • Inspire a movement of Radical Gardening
  • Teach every Oregonian how to grow and harvest their own produce
  • Empower a growing network of food system leaders
  • Inspire them to advocate for a more equitable food system policy

Growing Gardens is a Portland, Oregon based 501(c)3 nonprofit using the experience of growing food in schools, backyards, and correctional facilities to cultivate healthy and equitable communities.


Our  M ultilingual Programs And Services  

Work together to ensure that we reach the Oregon communities most impacted by food system inequity where they are at to:

  • Improve diet and health outcomes
  • Increase fresh food access
  • Enhance culturally nourishing produce options  
  • And cultivate the future generation of food system leaders

Gardens For
Our Families

Our Home Gardens program provides individuals and families with the training and resources they need to cultivate healthy culturally-relevant produce


Gardens For 
Our Children

Our Pre-K-12th grade Youth Grow curriculum gets children out into the garden to learn about nutrition, nature, and the impact of our food system.


Gardens For
Our Incarcerated

Our Lettuce Grow program offers direct support for incarcerated individuals through hands-on garden training and employment-enhancing certificate programs.


Making an Impact  Since 1996


Home Gardens Cultivated


Students Educated


Inmates Empowered


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These stories, collected by students as part of the Urban Agriculture & Food Systems Capstone at Portland State University, present the rich diversity of participants engaged with Growing Gardens

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Donate To 幸运飞行艇
Growing Gardens

We envision an Oregon where every home has equal access to fresh produce and a sincere desire to understand, participate in, and improve our local food system.  Join our thriving community of radical gardeners advocating for equitable food justice! 


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